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Test & Master Pressure Gauges
MASS make Master Gauges are designed for use as a reference gauge for recalibrating general service gauges, transmitters and other pressure operated instruments.

These gauges are easy to carry for field use and for spot inspections. To make reading easier and faster each pressure gauge is provided with readble dial. Reading error caused by paralax is eliminated by aligning the knife edge tip pointer with its reflection in the mirror band on the gauge.

Specification :
Dial Size 150mm & 250mm
Accuracy Test gauge: +0.5% of f.s.d.            Master gauge : 10.25% of f.s.d.
Element Bellow, bourdon tube
Element Material Test gauge: Phosphor Bronze/SS 316          Master gauge : Beryllium Copper.
Movement Precision S.S.316, High Precision Jewelled Bearing with Bi-metallic link for Temprature Compensation.
Dial Anti Paralax Mirrored Scale.
Pointer Knife edged, Micrometer zero adjustable type.
Socket Material Brass/AISI 316 SS
Case & Bezel Die cast Aluminium Weatherproof housing, with screwed outer bezel, Stoved enamel black finish. S.S.304 snap action bayonet type.
Joints Silver brazed / Argon arc welded
Connection 1/2"NPT(M)/BSP(M)
Mounting Direct with bottom entry / Back with Panel Mounting with clamps
Range 0-1000 mmWc to 0 -10,000 mmWc -760 mmHg to 0
0 -1Kg/ to 0 -1000 Kg/
Least Count As per standard accuracy chart for + 0.5% and 10.25%
Glass Tinted green or offwhite antislave acrylic type, Toughened or Laminated type.

All Test gauge models start with -" TG ", Master gauge models start with -" MG " & Solid front type with suffix -" SF ' Follow decodification sheet for details

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