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Low Pressure Diaphragm & Capsule Gauges
Diaphragm gauges are suitable for measuring pressure of all kind of fluid and gaseous medium. The measuring element is a sensitive corrugated diaphragm fixed between two flanges. For slurry and viscous liquids flanged connections can also be incorporated. Low Pressure Bellow Capsule Gauge are designed for non-corrosive and non-aggresive application.

These Gauges have bellow capsule which is composed of two corrugated metal discs of Brass / Stainless Steel joined by brazing / argon arc welding. A rise pressure will cause the corrugated Capsule / Diaphragms to expand and this motion is transferred to the indicator through sector, pinion movement mechanism. A similar type of low pressure built-in capsule gauge can also be offered having almost similar kind of mechanism.

Specification :
Dial size 100mm, & 150mm
Accuracy 11.5% and+2% of the f.s.d.
Element Diaphragm / Capsule
Element material Capsule: Brass/S.S.316
Diaphragm:S.S.316 / Teflon or Silver protected.
Socket material Brass / Stainless Steel
Movement material Brass / S.S.304/S.S.316
Lower Chamber Carbon Steel/SS 304/SS 316/ Any Spacial material (Only for diaphragm gauge)
Case & Bezel Die Cast Aluminium Weatherproof housing, with screwed outer bezel, stoved enamel black finish. M.S. Powder coated or 304 SS snap action bayonet type.
Connection 3/8M/2-BSP/NPT.
T type flanges & Direct Flanges.
As per ASA, ANSI, BS & DIN Standard.
Flange material Carbon Steel / SS 304 / SS 316 / any spacial material / Polyproplene/Teflon/PVC
Window Glass / Toughened Glass / safety glass
Optional Features Special graduation and range on dial, other thread connection and anti-corrosive epoxy coated black paint can be provided.
Range -760 mmHg Vaccum and up to 21 Kg/ for diaphragm type " D " model & from 250mmwcUpto 10,000 mmwc for low pressure diaphragm type " LPD " model.
Specifications For Compact Capsule :
Dial size 65mm, 100mm, 150mm
Accuracy + - 2% of f.s.d.
Element Capsule Phosphor Bronze / S.S. 316
Movement Brass / S.S. 304
Socket Brass/S.S. 316
Case & Bezel Stainless Steel / Mild Steel with powder coated.
Connection Standard
Window Standard
Ranges 60 mmWC up to 6000 m.mWC

All Low Pressure Diaphragm models start with suffix" LPD ", Diaphragm type model start with suffix 11 D " and Compact Capsule type model start with suffix " CC " Follow decodification sheet for details.

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